Person’s security

Security for a natural person involves a range of safety measures along with experience and skills of the security service provider that play a significant role in successful completion of the task.


Security escort (ensuring untouchability of the person, as well as safe and undisturbed movement, both on foot and by car).

Elimination of risk factors in the residence of the protected person;

Safety analysis of the movement route;

Safety check and monitoring of the location of the individual;

Elimination of potential risks and threats;

Cars and professionally-trained drivers.

By ensuring security for the individual, it is possible to develop various schemes depending on the desires and requirements of the protected person:

Escorting and protection during formal and informal meetings;

Swift additional forces and resources available in case of suddenly arisen critical situations;

Escorting and protection of representatives and family members of the protected person;

Transportation of the material assets or other valuables of the protected person.